The Ultimate NRL Supercoach Planner

The assistant coach that helps plan your trades, navigate the  byes and maximise your budget throughout the full 26 rounds.

From humble beginnings.

Starting out as a small personal bye round organiser, this excel document slowly progressed over the years into a “still simple” 26 round planner in which I could manager my trades up to and through the bye period, as well as maximise my remaining trades post origin to finish as strong as possible.

This year with the plan to share it publically, I started what was initially the small task of neatening up the document for others to use. However, thanks to my OCD nature this small task turned into multiple months of adding functionality, automating processes, learning excel, adding and automating MORE processes resulting in what is now, the Fantasy Coach Planner.


Latest updates & news

Packed full of helpful Features

NRL Supercoach Planner online data
Keep up to date with online player data

Round by round player updates of prices, averages and breakevens.

NRL Supercoach Planner budget management
Automated trade pricing calculations

Maximise your budget with automated pricing information when selecting your players.

NRL Supercoach Planner bye planner
Master the bye/origin period

Calculate exactly how many players you have available each round with full visual breakdown.

Keep your budget in the green

Transparent player pricing available during trades to see how much you have to work with.

Make every trade count

Keep on top of all trades made and trades you have remaining with every single selection.

Complete 26 round forecasting of your team

Manage your team trades and team budget over the full 26 rounds of NRL action.

Position specific player selections.

Player selection is conveniently broken down into each position for easy navigation.

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